Crumbling Bike Lanes

When the surface crumbles away like this it makes the bike lane uncomfortable (and sometimes dangerous) to ride on. Bikes don’t have the massive tyres and suspension of vehicles to absorb the uneven surface.

Ikea Bike

An Ikea bike seen out in the wild near my office. I like the belt drive instead of a metal chain, but I can’t get me head around the back-peddle coaster brakes!

My Daily Ride

This is my WorkCycles Opafiets traditional Dutch bike. It’s the Range Rover of bikes – heavy as hell, but built to last and comfortable to ride.

I use this bike to commute 7km each way to and from work. I may not be the fastest person on the road, but I’m often the highest!

Great crate

I do like a good looking crate. I regret not getting a front rack on my bike so that I could have ones of these. Maybe on my next bike?