Let’s hope that our Lord Jesus doesn’t pick the upcoming Papal Mass in Phoenix Park to make his second coming, as there’ll be no ‘Christ on a bike’ that day.

The official transport guidelines for the Pope’s celebration of Mass in the Phoenix Park on 26th August state that:

It is not possible to cycle directly to the Phoenix Park as bike parking facilities will not be available. Dublin Bikes will be unavailable up to a certain radius of the Park.

And so, while they’re not allowing anyone to cycle inside the park itself, I did get confirmation from the Garda Info twitter account that cyclists will be allowed inside the controlled zone (a traffic-free cordon of 1.5-2 km radius around the Phoenix Park), so you should be able to get pretty close.

You would have thought they’ve really missed a trick here, and should have provided dedicated secure bike parking – if not in the park itself, then nearby – as a sustainable and healthy way for the faithful to attend. It would have surely been a better option that getting people to walk long distances!

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Update: it seems that they’ve changed their mind, and bike parking will now be provided in Phoenix Park.

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