If you buy an insurance policy for your bicycle then generally it only covers theft.

But what about all the other types of cover you might want. A typical comprehensive car insurance covers you for theft, accidental damage, personal accident and third-party liability. So where I can find this kind of coverage for when I ride my bike.

Obviously, a major concern for any cyclist is if their bike gets stolen. We want to be covered in case someone steals our precious ride. But there are so many other things that can happen when you’re out and about.

What happens, for instance, if you’re in an accident – and it’s your fault – and the third party wants to put in claim against you for damage to their vehicle or for personal injury? You could have put a sizeable dent in someone’s car, or indeed you could have knocked down a pedestrian. A standard bicycle insurance policy doesn’t cover you for any of these scenarios – and as such you would be liable to settle any claims out of your own pocket!

Similarly, what happens if some moron decides to damage your bike while its locked up on the street. We’ve all seen those bikes where someone has decided to stomp on the wheels and buckle them. What good is an insurance policy that protects me against theft if my bike is damaged beyond repair but not stolen?

I believe that membership of Cycling Ireland includes insurance cover for personal accident and public liability, which is great for their members. Howeve that’s a sporting organisation, and not everyone would want to join if they use their bike for transport / commuting.

Not every cyclist, of course, will be willing or able to buy insurance – and I would strongly resist any suggestion that insurance for bikes should be mandatory – but it would be good if it were available to people who would like the cover.