The double kickstand on my Dutch bike broke off a couple of weeks ago.

It seems the welds that attach the base plate to the actual stand came apart, and as I’m not into welding, I thought it was easier just to buy a new one.

This is the one I bought from Amazon: VGEBY Double Leg Bicycle Kickstand, Aluminum Alloy Double Leg Bike Kickstand Bicycle Mount

The only problem was getting the bolt undone on the base plate of the old kickstand. I already have 12mm, 13mm, and 15mm spanners, and they’ve always been enough for every bike repair in the past, but this bolt was bigger.

Luckily, my local Lidl had some tools for sale when I was in today, and I got this ratchet spanner for about a fiver that has different heads to 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, and 19mm bolts. In the end I needed to use the 17mm head to get the bolt off!

I only needed the spanner to get the old kickstand off, as the new one had an allen key head to screw it on.

Once I had the right tools, it was only a 5-minute job to unscrew the old bolt and throw away the broken kickstand and screw the new one on.

Here’s the new one attached and ready to go. The Dutch bikes are great, because they often have a bracket to mount a kickstand built into the frame, unlike a lot of other bikes.

It’s not until a part like this fails that you realise how much you use it. Certainly on my bike, I use it all the time when loading/unloading the bike, and I also use it when I park and lock up to stop the bike falling over.