About transport cycling

Transport cycling is about using a bicycle as your means of transport to get from A to B.

It’s more about getting to the destination safely and quickly rather than getting something out of the journey.

Transport cyclists aren’t riding a bike for the sake of it, to see how fast they can go, or how fit they can get. They’re trying to get somewhere – whether that’s to work, to the shops, to meet a friend, or go to a social gathering.

Transport cyclists are a lot more likely to:

  • Wear normal clothes – because it’s about dressing for the destination rather than the journey
  • Cycle more slowly – because who wants to arrive at their destination in a sweaty heap?
  • Transport cargo – because everyone needs to move stuff about, whether it’s in a backpack, front basket, pannier bags, or something larger using a cargo bike
  • Cycle an electric bike – because an ebike can make longer distances more achievable, and also open up cycling to more people
  • Demand safe segregated cycling infrastructure – because cycling should be accessible to people of all ages and abilities

This blog is written by Richard Bloomfield. Any views expressed do not represent the views of any company or organisation.