Spotted: An Post Cyclovan

I’ve no idea what this An Post vehicle is actually called. I suppose it’s a type of cargo bike, based on a cycle-rickshaw frame, and with a big storage container and windscreen added.

Personally I like the name “Cyclovan”.

Ikea Bike

An Ikea bike seen out in the wild near my office. I like the belt drive instead of a metal chain, but I can’t get me head around the back-peddle coaster brakes!

My Daily Ride

This is my WorkCycles Opafiets traditional Dutch bike. It’s the Range Rover of bikes – heavy as hell, but built to last and comfortable to ride.

I use this bike to commute 7km each way to and from work. I may not be the fastest person on the road, but I’m often the highest!

Great crate

I do like a good looking crate. I regret not getting a front rack on my bike so that I could have ones of these. Maybe on my next bike?